Banana Boat Fighter Dennis Hallman’s Elbow Is A Little Infected [Photos]

A few hours ago we told you how UFC fighter Dennis Hallman probably wrote his death wish with Dana White’s operation for his banana boat stunt. Now we learn that Hallman has been in the hospital this week for a right elbow that’s disgustingly infected. Dude actually dislocated that elbow last week and fought with the bad wing.

Now he’s shacked up and getting treated for this craziness.

Hallman tweets:

Getting admitted to the hospital, elbow is infected BAD. My arm is the size of Hong Man Choi’s arm!

That was yesterday.

But Hallman’s adventure continues today.

Another day begins at the hospital, hopefully the swelling subsides today.

@KeithFlorian apparently that’s what it turned out to be, a septic bursitis. According to the ER docs here @ the hospital, the dr in PA…..

@KeithFlorian ….that treated me on Thursday and Friday probably contributed to the disaster on fight night.

@KeithFlorian I already warned brian ebersole of my infection, I wouldnt wish this ordeal on anyone.

Of course Ebersole is the dude Banana Hammock fought. This came from Brian soon after his victory.

@ufc Had my post-fight checkup done, and it included forensics. No Staph, MRSA, Chicken Pox, or Semen was found on the swabs. I’m all clear

There you have it. The guy who you thought would have gotten infected by touching ‘bad parts’ gets out unscathed and the Hammock sits in the hospital with that bloated wing. Sorry, bro.



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