‘Sports Fan Bandit’ Popped For Brazen Baseball Cap Robberies [Cuff ‘Em]


Good news from the Baseball Cap Bank Robbers department over the weekend. California cops have busted the ‘Sports Fan Bandit’, an Asian who had quite a collection of baseball/football hats. You know how it’s strange to see a black guy working at a Chinese restaurant? Yeah, well, it’s about the same to see an Asian robbing a bank while wearing a Green Bay Packers hat. Your days are over Tran!

Via the San Bernardino Sun:

Police officers said they believe that Tim Thien Tran, 36, of San Bernardino is responsible for at least the bank robberies in February and July at Comerica Bank, 800 N. Haven Ave.

Police Sgt. David McBride said a semi-automatic handgun was used for both robberies.

McBride said he did not know of any other robberies in which Tran may be involved, but his department is notifying other law enforcement agencies about the arrest.

The robber was dubbed “The Sports Fan Bandit” because he wore baseball caps with different sports teams’ logos while committing the robberies.

Police said Tran was arrested about 9 p.m. Wednesday after using a search warrant at his residence in the 1200 block of Kendall Drive in San Bernardino.

Here’s Tim’s booking photo.┬áThe problem, as we see it, is that Tran went with the Packers hat which pretty much helped the fuzz key in on this guy. Asian….Packers fan…sunglasses. Look, moron, you got too cute. Should have just stuck with a Raiders or A’s hat and fit in with the rest of the Asians. Getting greedy was your demise.

Enjoy 15 years in the pen trying to get blow your way into getting the channel switched off the Raiders game to the Packers on Fox.
[Ontario police: We nabbed ‘Sports Fan Bandit’]

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