NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski’s Ankle Healing Just Fine [Photos]


As noted on Deadspin this morning, NASCAR stud Brad Keselowski drilled a Pocono wall last week which resulted in a broken left ankle. The ankle got ugly – like grapefruit-ish before getting it set – but that didn’t stop K-Low from getting behind the wheel yesterday for the Good Sam RV Insurance 500.

Guess who stomped the competition and won the race? Yep, K-Low, with the severely bruised ankle you see here.

According to the local scribes, who asked our boy about his need for a good pain killer:

“As far as a pain scale, hell, I don’t know,” Keselowski said. “I’m not good at those pain scales because I don’t know what everybody calls what. But I know it just hurt.

And unlike your typical ‘athlete’, Keselowski didn’t exactly cry about his situation on Twitter. As of Saturday, K-Low was complaining more about his back than the ankle. Tough as nails. Seriously, if one of us at BC had our ankle turned into a slab of prosciutto, it would be back to the million-dollar trailer for us.

Nope, catch us next week when the ankle has been healed for a week.

Instead, K-Low was live tweeting his recovery and hasn’t said anything on Twitter about the ankle since Saturday. Of course we did a little research on NASCAR drivers and broken ankles. Remember Dario Franchitti? Yeah, he broke his ankle in a 2008 practice wreck at Talladega. Nope, Dario didn’t man up and get back in the car for the Sunday race. Yes, Dario’s NASCAR team eventually folded and he’s now back to racing in the Indy Car Series.

Lesson to you youngsters. Toughen up. And don’t forget to live tweet your injuries. This stuff is great on the Internet.


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