Erin Andrews & Boyfriend Josh Hopkins At Lollapalooza [Photos]


Hopkins is the taller of the two guys, wearing sunglasses, 21 hour stubble. No idea who the short dude is, but he’s part of what is now the outing of Erin Andrews and Cougar Town actor Josh Hopkins as a new couple. Good for EA. And word up to Hopkins, her clock is ticking. Hopefully this dude is aware of the baby talk she’s muttered over the past couple years. Bro, you’re walking into a hurricane. Ready?

No kidding, Andrews and Hopkins made their public debut at this weekend’s Lollapalooza event in Chicago. There they were just walking amongst the masses when UK fans spotted the power couple. Hopkins happens to be a HUGE UK fan. Did we mention he was born in Lexington?

Of course there will be those of you out there who say this is really nothing. No proof they are dating. Etc. Nonsense. EA doesn’t show that much leg, in day light, in Chicago without feeling like there’s a handsome dude who deserves it. Still not believing it? You’re single and play too much fantasy baseball.

The Josh Hopkins file:

• 40

• Cougar Town

• Performed musically at Lollapalooza in 2007. Considers himself a musician

• Rumored to have turned down a relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

• Might have dated Courteney Cox – this year!

• Played in the MLB Celebrity All-Star Game. Guess who was also there for ESPN?

If you have time and want to do some research into the couple’s public Twitter high school-ish banter, give Hopkins’ account a look.

[UK’s New Power Couple – Kentucky Sports Radio]

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