Boss! Red Sox Vendor’s No Hands, Drinks On Head Trick [Video]


That’s right, punks, two days in a row with a Fenway video. Yesterday’s 1997 Jorts three-way speaks for itself, while today we check in with Red Sox vendor working on his Somali water jug carrying technique during last night’s Sox-Yankees game. No way that is beer. No way. If Vendor Boy wants to really impress us, we want to see him carry 16 Buds on that melon. Anyway, Beckett had to concentrate thru this craziness.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Add up the cost of the drinks on Vendor Boy’s head and we’re talking something like $60-$70. In other words, one wrong move by Vendor Boy and his rent money is flowing down the Fenway steps.

Climax of Video: Perfect turnaround and back up the steps. Boss.

Conclusion: Next time beer and Vendor Boy will be a national beer man hero.

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