2 Girls & 1 Notre Dame Fan Swingers Night At Fenway Circa 1997 [Video]

It’s no secret that the Internet is intrigued by great moments of stadium sex. Our 9 Greatest Stadium Sex Moments of the 21st Century post from way back in 2008 is still a well-trafficked machine. So imagine our glee this morning while performing our daily YouTube searches and coming across this video from 1997. The camera shooting this action is just one of many at Fenway for ESPN baseball. Look what the cameraman found happening in the upper deck! Notre Dame fan in three-way!


Posted: Aug. 6, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) This was from a game in 1997. Some drunk fans forgot they were in a park where the cameras are constantly panning and scanning for cute little moments. This is not one of those. My favorite part is when Grimace comes down and sits behind them.

Climax of Video: The chick in the middle of the three-way decides to give cut-off jorts chick some action, too! That’s at the 1:50 mark but this entire video is award-winning. Take 4 minutes out of your day and watch The Domer working it.

Conclusion: It’s hard to remember just how popular Jorts were back in the day. And Notre Dame. If you know any of the parties involved in the 2 Girls & 1 Notre Damer video, please contact us. This is the perfect chance for a Where Are They Now.

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