Seattle Seahawks Have Training Camp DJ! [Video]

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has always been known as a pretty loose guy — a player’s coach.

We didn’t quite know how much of a player’s coach he was until training camp opened for the Seahawks this year, though. Carroll has a DJ spinning tunes during practice. This is no joke, as you can see from the photos and video. In fact, we’ve unEarthed the DJ who’s spinning so tweet him with in-practice requests.

We imagine guys also enter the practice arena to their own theme music too, like wrestlers do in WWE.

There’s another idea, Pete. Put a wrestling rink out on the practice field.

Just make sure there are a few random chairs stashed under the mat. We’d all love to see Russell Okung bash Marshawn Lynch over the head with one while some AC/DC blares in the background.

[Request a tune at Seahawks camp – DJ DV One]