Ryan Braun Judging Milwaukee Bucks Dancers During Free Time [Photos]

If Ryan Braun played baseball on the East Coast there’s a good chance this guy would be in the top-20 most recognized athletes in sports this year. Instead, he’s worth in the neighborhood of $105 million (via his Brewers contract) and the guy barely makes a blip on the Twitter radar for his work this week as a guest judge at the Milwaukee Bucks dancer tryouts.

But there was the Hebrew Hammer, taking time out of his baseball schedule to tell ladies if they are worth of his shaking it for the Bucks.

Ladies, listen up, Braun is set to make $19 million in 2016 and will only be 32. We recommend going super Jersey Chaser before some Hollywood starlet jumps his bones during the offseason. If he can get the Brewers to the World Series, this guy could become the hottest meal ticket in sports.

Anyway, there was Braun Wednesday night taking a seat usually reserved for an NBA baller, but with the lockout going down the Bucks turned to the baseball guy. Here is the aforementioned Twitter reaction. Maybe the ladies out there don’t realize this guy who shops right along side of them at Whole Foods is, like, loaded.

Once again, baseball doing its part to help promote its young studs.

[Bucks Energee]

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