Ohio U. Bookstore Rips Jim Tressel Winner’s Manual; JT Bracelets Banned [Photos]

Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, who resigned earlier this year after it was revealed he knew about several NCAA violations, but didn’t report them, still has quite a few supporters in the Buckeyes’ locker room.

Several players were wearing wristbands with his initials displayed on them this week. The school put the kibosh on that Thursday.

“They were pulled back out of concern, just being cautious,” team spokesman Jerry Emig said yesterday, adding that their use had not been run past the compliance department before their distribution.

“The players had bought them (for $15 each) from a well-meaning individual within the program who had ordered them on his own. We got them to take them back to him and get their money back.”

Tressel may be loved by his former players, but no one seems to care for his book The Winners Manual anymore.

From the looks of it, bookstores can’t seem to give them away. I’m sure they’ll make fine kindling someday.

The second photo comes from the campus of Ohio University.
[Ohio State stops players from wearing bracelets supporting Jim Tressel]






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