Good Job, Brewers Moron, You Just Wasted That Chick’s Full Beer [Video]

The Milwaukee Brewers have been on a roll lately. The fans are in Tony LaRussa’s head. The team has a three-game lead on the Cardinals and are on a 8-2 in the last 10 streaker. This weekend they get to bust the Houston Astros’ brains. With all this playoff fever the fans are getting extra drunken by the day. Even those between-inning dance contests have become YouTube worthy. Drunken Brewers fan is exactly what MLB needs right now. These people will fight. They’ll drink. And they’re good for pageviews. 

Posted: Aug. 4

Premise of Video: We picture this guy as a 21-year-old Wisconsin community college student. His name is probably Kevin. He’s been dating Kimmie for 8 months. They went with the cheap seats for Cards-Brewers and decided to save the seat money on overpriced brews.

Climax of Video: That full beer being backhanded into the guy.

Conclusion: At least an $8 down the drain.

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