Buy John Madden’s NYC Apartment For $4,395,000! [Photos]

Back in the Spring it was leaked that John Madden’s NYC apartment was on the market and the story kinda flew under the radar. First thought for us was, ‘Why does John Madden need a NYC crash pad?’ Of course there were appearances for CBS & NBC, but we’re still trying to figure out why Mad Dog bought this place way back in 1985. If our memory serves us correctly, the guy was on the road for 16 weeks per year with maybe 3-4 weeks in the city for Jets/Giants games. But what do we know. His 2-bedroom hotel is about to pay him some cash back. This place is valuable.

The big news here is that John only paid $625,000 for this place in ’85 when he bought it from Gilda Radner. You do the math on what he’s about to make in profit. Maybe he isn’t so dumb for not just staying in hotels. This is like the ultimate hotel rewards card. What a genius decision. BOOM!

The Dakota Apartment Details:

• 2 bed, 2.5 bath

• Take a look at the pics, this is an Old World swinger pad

• Monthly maintenance charge is $5,300

• He might leave that sweet VHS player under the LCD

• A deal could also possibly be made for the panty-dropper couch and love seat

• Is that a 1965 mixer in the kitchen? Throw that into your offer, too

Price: $4,395,000 (a 10% drop since May) – $23,000k month mortgage

[Elliman Real Estate]

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