Astros Streaker Banned From Minute Maid [Sentence ‘Em]

Kevin Crabtree, the infamous Enron Field streaker/escape artist, has been banned from the park under a sentencing this week after pleading guilty to charges stemming from his antics. Big loss, right? Can’t go to an Astros’ game? How exactly can a court properly sentence a streaker? Cut off a foot? Lose three toes of your choice? The courts better figure this one out soon because banning from worthless baseball games isn’t exactly preventing the act.

From The Smoking Gun:

[Crabtree] fined $500 and placed on probation for a year. On a positive note, however, a Harris County Criminal Court judge also barred Kevin Crabtree from any “contact” with Minute Maid Park, home to the Astros, whose 37-74 record is by far the worst in Major League Baseball.

And for any of you ladies who want a man who’s into international danger, you can go friend him and ask this former college baseball stud out on a date.

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