Rory McIlroy Says Tiger Woods Can’t Golf


Golfer Rory McIlroy — all 22 years of him — doesn’t think much of Tiger Woods’ game these days.

Woods hasn’t played in a tournament since May because of nagging knee injuries, but El Tigre returned to the tour this week to play the Bridgestone Invitational.

The serial philanderer finished the first round 2-under par — five shots off the pace.

That probably doesn’t impress McIlroy, though. The U.S. Open champ doesn’t expect Tiger’s game to come back for some time.

“No one expects him to come out and play well,” McIlroy said. “I’m sure he expects himself to come out and play and compete, but given the length of layoff and considering that he’s only been able to hit full shots for the last two weeks or whatever, it would be an unbelievable effort if he was to come back and compete. But I think just get through 72 holes and maybe finish top 20 would be a really good effort.”

McIlroy is absolutely right, but we think he probably made a mistake dissing Woods and his game publicly.

A motivated Tiger is a killer.

We’ll chalk it up to the fact that the Irishman was probably drunk when he uttered the comment.

He may be past his best years, but who wants to bet Tiger owns McIlroy for the rest of his career?

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