ESPN’s Merril Hoge Was Stripper During College At Idaho State [Video]


Buried deep inside a March 2011 Merril Hoge video comes this HUGE piece of news you never knew about the guy who is DESTROYING Tim Tebow on ESPN. In the last couple days, Hoge has gone on mammoth rants about Tebow’s abilities via Twitter and on live TV where he didn’t mince words. And he reiterated his stance about Tebow today, comparing him to Brian Bosworth. Ahh, but Tebow’s camp can come back with this nugget Hoge is still embarrassed about from his college days. He was a stripper during his days at Idaho St.

Looking for some footage of Merril ripping Tebow to run for this post, the team happened to come upon the Merril Hoge Roast video archive that’s barely been viewed. We’re talking 97 views as of this writing. From what we can decipher this was something concocted by the folks at WDVE radio station where Hoge has a full-time radio gig. It was 2010. How this never became an Internet thing is beyond our comprehension, but then again Hoge wasn’t exactly destroying Tebow a year ago.

The video:

The details (in case your employer will fire you for extra bandwidth usage):

Hoge: “On this dais here, nobody came up with the one thing in college that I’m probably the most embarrassed by, but had to do. I was actually a stripper in college. I actually did things for bachelorette parties. With that said…(begins taking off his tie)”

Anyway, there you have it. Merril Hoge goes nuts on Tim Tebow and we unEarth a nugget from the ESPN personality vault. Just another day on the Internet.

*If you have Polaroids of Party Boy doing his thing, we have several BC readers who’d be down with us publishing them.

[Merril Hoge – Wikipedia]

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