Chad Henne’s Feelings Are Hurt!


Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne isn’t the most popular guy in south Florida.

Dolphins fans want to see the team trade for Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle “Neckbeard” Orton and they’ve become vocal about it. Fans have been chanting “We want Orton” during training camp practices.

The guy who isn’t Kyle Orton has some issues with that.

“I’m human,” Henne said of the Orton chants, per Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel. “Deep down inside it does hurt.”

“You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back,” Henne said. “But obviously if I’m doing bad they will critique me.”

Henne is right, but Dolphins fans should really think twice about openly calling for the Neckbeard.

The last thing you want to do to a quarterback with a fragile ego is make him more insecure.

Poor guy.

[Chad Henne says Orton chants hurt his feelings]

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