Tyler Seguin Drunken Stanley Cup Party Action – New! [Photos]

As we mentioned Monday, Bruins’ teen Tyler Seguin had his time with Stanley Cup over the weekend & it seems that tailgater Alyonka Larionov forgot to mention that things got quite boozy. Now we find out, via Puck Daddy, that Segs had a stable of Ontario chicks to help him light up a Toronto club. Of course a photographer was there to document the occasion. Wait until Tyler shows these photos to his kids one day. 

Before you purists jump to conclusions about Tyler being some sort of underage drunk, keep in mind that the drinking age in Canada is 19. He’s 19. Of course U.S. liquor laws didn’t prevent clubs from getting him blotto back in June.

From what we can see in the photos, Segs invited a few 20-something cougars who were down for a good time. Smart move, kid. The worst thing you could do is find a fellow teen that’ll get all clingy and think that because you let her drink out of the Cup that means she’s moving in. The Cougars have day jobs and tanning appointments to juggle. Much easier to avoid.

Anyway, tongue on the Cup. Just another night of partying with Canada’s teen sensation.

[HT: Marti Sison]

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