Keenan Cahill Just Added To Our Philadelphia Eagles Hatred [Video]

Look, you little brat, we know you have dwarf issues and life hasn’t handed you a bag filled with normalcy. BC gets that. But, c’mon, Cahill. You want us to hate your little ass a little more? You did a great job of that by teaming with the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders to lip synch Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night for Philly station Q102. Let us guess, you’re jumping on the bandwagon? Punk.

Here’s hoping Philly goes 9-7 and misses the playoffs.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Keenan Cahill is the hottest thing on YouTube since some little Jack Russell Terrier popped balloons in record time. If he was playing with a full deck the world would have just skipped his videos. But no, the teenager has issues and all of a sudden Hollywood wants to come along for the ride. Eagles’ Nation, on a free agent bender, feels like they’ll be hoisting the Lombardi in Indianapolis so it’s time to ramp up the stupid videos.

Climax of Video: Not sure, they’re so many.

Conclusion: Have you seen the Eagles’ schedule? Think they could get a few more cupcakes? You’ll be seeing this little #$%^ in January. Bank on it.

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