Ichiro Doppelganger Booted For Baseball Grab [Morning Twitpics]

Would a highlight from an August game featuring Seattle and Oakland make the Morning Twitpic post? Nope. But when you combine a perfectly fair ball, an Ichiro lookalike and fan interference that is post material. Thanks to eagle eyed @burnSTYLEr for the find we get this hilarious look at Ichiro dude trying to comprehend why he’s about to get booted into the Seattle darkness.

Believe it or not, MLB is actually running this video showing such fan disobedience.

The Ichiro Suzuki impersonator at Safeco Field who has been posing for pictures and signing autographs for the past few home games was doing a pretty good job up until Tuesday’s night game against Oakland.

He had it all: the No. 51 jersey, the baseball pants tucked perfectly into his socks at the knee, the slightly bent bill on his Mariners hat, the Asics shoes, the light black beard and even Ichiro’s signature black bat.

Then came the ball grab and Ichiro Jr.’s run was over. Just like that. Mariners’ fan can just go back to their boring lives and trying to remember back to the glory days when candy bars were named after the centerfielder.

[Video – MLB]



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