Florida Gators’ Defensive Line, Their Evil Weightroom Chucky Doll & Chains

This photo of college guys with bulging pectoral muscles, tats, chains and a Chucky doll has been making its rounds amongst the SEC crowd. Figured since most of you are Midwesterners, East Coasters and maybe a few Mountain Time Zoners it was worth posting for your amusement. That’s the Florida Gators’ defensive line. Odds are at least one will end up in prison before 25. You should be scared right now.

Where exactly does one go to purchase a chain of this size? Can’t say we’ve ever seen those at Home Depot. And what’s up with the doughy man cans from the back row? Not that we’d say it to your faces, but you could probably shed at least 15-30.

The light skinned dude who is smiling and looks solid is Clay Burton, brother of stud Florida RB Trey who made his BC debut this week.

Stay bad, Gators. These are the kind of photos that drive SEC Nation nuts and keep paying our bills.

[HT: Friends of the Program]

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