Casey Anthony Ohio State Hat: 13 Great Twitter Reactions [Photos]

The fine folks in Newbury, Ohio have been tweeting that Casey Anthony has decided the tiny northeast Ohio town is where she’ll live – for now. Today, via TMZ & Splash News photographers, we know that Casey is back to repping her Ohio State Buckeyes (has family in OH). There she is shopping, at Lennox Center in Columbus, looking through clothes at Old Navy. We tried to tell you Ohio wasn’t dull.

From what we can tell from that OSU hat, it looks like it’s just a couple days old. Crispy. As for the rumors of the Newbury residence, the locals are absolutely bonkers over the rumor.

Then you have the Ohio State Buckeyes haters who are ramping up their hatred for the school and Anthony. Double whammy.

Go on, haters. We know you’re just jealous that Ohio is more entertaining than your state. We actually feel sorry for those of you in Indiana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Vermont who never get to feel the excitement this state pumps out. Without us who would you hate?

[TMZ: Casey Anthony in Ohio]

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