Braylon Edwards Might Go To Jail Before He Gets A Contract

Former New York Jets receiver Braylon Edwards hasn’t raised his value this offseason and may soon be following the path of Plaxico Burress, the man who replaced him in New York.

The free agent was reportedly on the periphery of a nightclub fight in Birmingham, Michigan on Sunday. Two members of his entourage were arrested for assaulting club staff.

According to Detroit’s Fox station, this is how it went down.

We’re told the group of friends Edwards was with got into an argument with an employee at the nighttime hot spot that eventually spilled into the kitchen. There one worker was sliced with a knife requiring 14 stitches. Another was attacked with a fork.

Well, not so fast!

There are now reports Edwards was directly involved in the incident. Oh, and the recently-jailed Jalen Rose was there as well.

Those Michigan guys stick together.

Anyway, the bar released a statement and police are now investigating Edwards.

A statement released by the bar Tuesday makes it clear that Edwards was directly involved in the fight.

According to the prepared statement, “Braylon Edwards was present and involved, but it’s an ongoing police investigation so at this time we don’t have any further information.”

Edwards’ entourage included two of his cousins, both of whom are being charged.

Although no one has accused Edwards of injuring anyone, bar staff have said he was responsible for escalating the situation. His tweets indicate as much.

Although they’ve been deleted, it’s been well documented that Edwards sent the following messages on Twitter at the time of the alleged incident.

Damn. Get ya knuckles ready

Don’t fight if. You don’t know how.

Good use of punctuation on that second one, Bray.

Of course, as most celebrities do when they drink too much and say something stupid, Edwards blamed the tweets on someone else.

Yo…Lost my phone last night someone sent tweets. Deleted them and changed my password. Sorry for the mishap hopefully never happens again!

Frankly, this whole situation makes our taint hurt.

Oh, and by the way, everyone said Rose, who’s serving time for a DUI, was a gentleman and tried to break the fight up.

Stay tuned.

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