Ohio Breast Milk Machine Gunner Stephanie Robinette Sentenced [Cuff ‘Em]


The infamous Ohio breast milk gunnery mate, Stephanie Robinette, was in court yesterday to learn her fate for a wedding reception gone very wrong back in June. There was no jail sentence for Steph, but she will serve two years on probation for nearly blinding troopers with her breast milk. As a bonus, we also get the surveillance video from the cruiser cam. Time for TruTV to make another show! When Breast Milk Attacks!

In case you can’t watch videos at work, here are the screencaps of the arrest.

KSDK has your courtroom details and video:

Another camera was rolling when Robinette, now cuffed, tried to kick her way out of the backseat of a cruiser.

“Listen to me. You damage this car and you will be charged for it, okay?” the deputy who arrested Robinette said.

Deputies also warned Robinette that the cameras were watching.

“Just so you know that all this is on recording, okay?” the deputy told her.

“Record it all! Record it all,” Robinette yelled back.

A few minutes later Robinette passed out in the backseat of the cruiser.

Her attorney says alcohol was the driving factor behind the whole ordeal, and tells CNN Robinette is getting treatment. The incident has cost her the job she had as a teacher, and at the very least, disrupted her marriage.

As for the husband, he sat next to the prosecutor. Something tells us the breast milk incident was the last stray for him. But think about it, he could take this woman on tour like Wild Bill and Annie Oakley. She could shoot balloons with her breast milk and amaze the crowd with her precision. Apples off the heads of local cops? Of course, step right up.

Anyone know if this chick has a Facebook account we can follow? Get in touch.


[Stephanie Robinette sprays Ohio police officers with breast milk]

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