New Winnepeg Jets’ Logo Tattoo On Woman’s Leg [Photos]


People in Winnipeg, and probably all of Manitoba, have been going batshit crazy since they got their Jets back.

They just love hockey up there in the great white north and usually aren’t afraid to let everyone else know just how much. So when a local tattoo artist David Engbaek decided he wanted to be the first to burn the Jets new logo into someone, he didn’t have much trouble finding a taker.

The delicious Heather Dea responded to the call, even though she’s not really much of a hockey fan.

“To me, it’s more about being Canadian,” said Dea, whose husband is in the air force that the logo salutes.

“If this is the first one, it’s great for David’s business. And it’s great for him, personally. For me, it’s great, because I really like it.”

I think great is the operative word here, in case you missed that.

Anyway, the tattoo itself is approximately nine square inches and resides on Dea’s shin.

Presumably, if she were a real Jets fan, she would have gotten the logo tattooed across her back.

I wonder what the hockey-loving town of Atlanta will ever do if they get their Thrashers back.

[Shin shines with Jets tattoo]

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