Brooke Burke Getting Vitamin D In This Bikini [BC After Dark]


Welcome to your nightly examination of some random photo gallery of a hot chick who’s doing basic random activities that catch the attention of the paparazzi. Our editors pick the best of the best. Requirements usually include: skin, a tan, lack of fat rolls and water. Here is tonight’s BC After Dark.

Two things compelled us to make Brooke Burke tonight’s After Dark chick. First, any time we see Brooke doing crazy bending exercises, BC takes notice. Second, that surf dude has a tramp stamp. Can’t say that’s something that crosses our desk on a daily basis. At what point does a guy think it’s the best time in his life to get a tramp stamp? Are you a guy who has a tramp stamp? Email us. We want to hear about it. Anyway, Ms. Burke, bikini.

According to the photo hounds that track this kind of stuff, these photos are from yesterday’s beach session in Malibu.

Have a candidate for a future After Dark? Send us a name and some photos.

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