18 Most Ridiculous Football Motivational Team Schedule Posters


It’s that time of year when The Wiz of Odds goes to town with his roundup of college football motivation schedule posters. After finding this Idaho Vandals poster today it was decided that BC needed to take a look back at the most ridiculous posters ever conceived. There have been the very bad – Purdue o-line in Speedos. And the Duke football team beefed up for the 2009 season. They went 5-7.

It’s not only colleges who are guilty of the extreme motivational poster charge. High schools have gotten in on the act. See below – i.e. sombrero.The oldest poster in this set comes from way back in 1995 when Nebraska team officials figured it would be cool to have their boys in tank tops to show off the gun boats. As the bros say, Sick.

Kudos to the designers who keep pumping these out year after year. Your work is appreciated.

Have a poster you’d like to nominate for induction into this hall of fame? Send it in.


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