Tyler Seguin Day With Stanley Cup Includes Alyonka Larionov [Photos]

Yesterday happened to be Boston Bruins’ pants dropper Tyler Seguin’s day with the Stanley Cup and the guy just happened to have a pretty famous hockey ball-and-chain with him. That blond would be Alyonka Larionov, daughter of hockey hall of famer Igor. She’s been doing the hockey TV thing for a couple years now and ironically was ordered to spend Cup day with party boy Seguin. Coincidence? You make the call. 

Larionov is a member of the new breed of female ‘reporters.’ She doesn’t mind going to the club with the athlete. Doesn’t mind wearing a tiny skirt. Doesn’t mind uploading laser beam eyes from Seguin. We can cut the sexual tension in these photos with a skate blade.

Suzy Kolber wouldn’t dare hit a club like LIV to hang with the Miami Dolphins. Erin Andrews isn’t going short skirt with the LSU football team on Bourbon Street. Pam Ward won’t hit a lesbian bar just to get a WNBA story. Yeah, but what do those ladies have in common? They’re old. Larionov can hang. You throw her into a room with Party Boy and who knows what can happen.

He laughs & smirks at this tweet #nuisance@SlavaMalamud: @AlyonkaLarionov Tyler gets a day w/Stanley Cup & a day w/Alyonka. #NewTradition

Anyway, we’re sure everyone remained adults and didn’t remove shirts.