Rex Ryan’s Calf Tattoo [Photo]

Yes, that is Rex Ryan’s calf tattoo. Yes, those are Rex Ryan’s hipster Converse kicks. And what can we say about the black socks/black kicks look? Rex turns 49-years-old in December and is getting a jump start on that mid-life crisis. Foot fetish video. Pimping out his wife (seriously). Very NSFW chats between Rex (or his wife) and some foot fetish dude. But that’s all water under the bridge now. Rex has moved to the tat stage. 

The Internets are buzzing today over this message from Matt Higgins, a Jets’ executive.

Converse sneaks. Check. New tattoo. Check. Rex is ready for camp. #jets

Meanwhile, Rex was up to his old media tricks today, trying to prod the Patriots into some training camp verbal warfare. @TheJetsStream tweets:

Rex Ryan : “We need to find somebody that can beat New England besides us.” #nyj