Kobe Soccer Dribbling Skills Break Some Dude’s Ankles [Video]

Kobe Bryant was in D.C. yesterday for the Mia Hamm & Nomar Garciaparra Celebrity Soccer Challenge where he played some soccer while wearing sunglasses. Seriously. Alex Morgan was there. Toby Keith suited up. Even DeAngelo Hall took time out of his day to participate. But the big news, as far as BC is concerned, was Kobe absolutely destroying some bald dude with these dribbling skills. Kobe says he hasn’t played soccer in 20 years. 

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: As mentioned, it’s the Hamm/Nomar Challenge and Kobe put his stamp on the event with his participation. As usual, Kobe breaks an opponents ankles with this cross-over dribble.


Conclusion: Isn’t that futbol field a little on the small side? And why didn’t any celebrity smack those glasses off Kobe’s face? Someone needs to step up. Bust him in the melon. He’s totally disgracing this spectacular sport.