Hilary Duff Mexican Vacation: Football To The Face & Chunky Sister [Photos]

Ok, so the football probably didn’t hit her in the face. Noted. But it made for one helluva intro photo for this post. The other story about Hilary And Mike Comrie in Mexico yesterday has to be the swimsuit she had shredded by TSA before leaving Los Angeles. Look at that mess. Very unique, but confusing because her sister, Haylie, is also wearing a black suit. Black headband = Hilary. The chunky one his Haylie.

According to the Daily Mail:

Hilary and her hockey star husband were also seen enjoying some personal time together in the pool.

Mike lazed on a float in the turquoise water, while his wife happily swam alongside him.

The pair have been enjoying a number of holidays recently – earlier this month, they were spotted on the picturesque island of Capri, Italy.

Not that you wouldn’t have learned this info from the photos. Maybe you are so ignorant you can’t realize that the two were enjoying personal time. Look, us Internet sites have to pull a rabbit out of our house. Can’t just publish a gallery. That’s why you get “Mike lazed on a float.” It’s just business. Could that guy be any whiter? If you get knocked out of the NHL playoffs in May there is no excuse for not having a tan in July.

Anyway, photos.

*Remember, Chunk is the older sister.

[Sister act: Hilary Duff and sibling Haylie  show off their enviable figures]