Gators’ RB Trey Burton Works Up Batch Of Batter For Ladies [Photos]

Who knew that Trey Burton could whip up a mean doughnut batter? Not this blogging outfit. It seems that the Gators’ QB took part (not sure who approved of this) in some cooking show hatched up by a couple of jersey chasers who have a YouTube channel with 54 subscribers. The ladies, Kavita Channe & Jen Soko, have interviewed a number of famous celebrities, but never a 19-year-old RB. Time to ramp up the cleav!

From what we can tell, Kavita does quite a few “interviews” and might be aiming for a Inez Sainz kinda career. As for Soko, she’s in the same mold. Looking for the “reality” gig and possibly something on the radio. Think: Rikki Lake.

The video of Burton whipping up the batter has yet to be released. Of course BC is waiting impatiently for the world debuted. If you’ll remember back, Tebow never made doughnut batter infomercials during his time at UF. Or YouTube show. Burton is stepping up. Making his face more visible. We like this move. Couple of chicks (even the big one) and a Florida RB is great for the Internet.

Thanks to all for making it happen.



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