2011 USC Song Girls Get Wet In Tahoe Weekend [35 Photos]

For the last three years of our lives there have been a couple legit reasons to look forward to the last weekend in July. This is the official kickoff to the football season. Teams are in camp. Colleges are welcoming players to campus. And the USC Song Girls invade Lake Tahoe for the annual band retreat. Bloggers who are normally making their Top 5 Nickel Defenses In The Big 12 lists, pause for a moment of appreciation. Those 3 letters. Water.

Thanks to our USC insider, we can show you how band retreat weekend went down for the Trojans. As a bonus, this year you get two members of the actual USC cheerleading team jumping into the cool Tahoe water. This could be a trend after the Oregon cheerleading team went with a full-on cheerleaders only weekend in 2010.

But today it’s all about the Song Girls. While there have been attacks and attempts to take them out as the most recognized cheer unit in college football, the imitators need to step back and applaud this tradition. The sweaters have never looked better.

Busted Coverage Nation, forget about the Debt Ceiling Crisis®. Forget that you’re probably going to lose your job by Christmas. Ignore that your wife is filing for divorce. Don’t bother dwelling on Hunter Pence putting the Phillies over the top.


Your college football season has officially started.