Mets-Nats Fan Fight Includes Man Hitting Woman! [Video]

Nothing like going to a Mets-Nationals game in late July when both teams are WAY out of any playoff chase. And it’s another thing to get into a fight at one of these late July game, but that’s what happened Friday night. The big news here is that a woman ends up the scrum and of course some moron drills her. Pay special attention to the stadium crew black lady that’s like, “Screw that, not gettin’ in the middle of that #$%^.” Video – JUMP!

Posted: July 29, 2011

Premise of Video: Nothing improves the quality of a Nats-Mets game like a fan fight. It actually gives you something exciting instead of Rick Ankiel hitting .237.

Climax of Video: Backswing drills woman! Down goes the lady.

Conclusion: You people should be ashamed to spend a penny on this baseball team. Go to a movie. A minor league baseball game. A musical. A night of playing chess. Torrid sex. Anything but this.