NASCAR Fan Fight: Cargo Shorts, Hooters Shirt, Wasted Beer & Bare Ass [Video]

SHOCKER! Two NASCAR videos in one week on BC. That’s a sign the sport is starting to do a better job making itself relevant. Remember, sports marketers, the more unique videos and photos on the Internet, the more important your sport becomes. Take this fight video. It could have been a fight at a carnival & it would have been worthless to the Internet. But NASCAR engines roaring & Hooters guy throwing bombs gets our attention.

Posted: July 17, 2011

Premise of Fight: (via vlogger) Drunks FIGHT Nascar Sprint Cup Lenox New Hampshire July 17th 2011

Climax of Fight: Did that guy just go to the “pull down your opponents pants to distract him” method. Look at Hulk Hogan throwing Rick Rude around like a rag doll. By his shorts.

Conclusion: Lot of wasted beer, morons. And not a single punch landed. Jesus H! Looks like a NBA fight. Step it up, rednecks.

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