Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Gift Thank You Card Arrives At BC HQ [Photos]

Of course it was surprising to get the mail yesterday and find a piece of mail with a Los Angeles mailing stamp and no return address. Trying to rack our brain as to which road beef this might be, it became apparent upon opening the card that this was coming from the Kim Kardashian camp. Nope, no L.A. road beef for us named Kim. To our disbelief, Kim’s handlers actually sent BC a card for that napkin we bought for her wedding to Kris Humphries.

We have serious reason to believe that the card isn’t the work of Kim for a couple of reasons, but one of her interns.


• The gift was purchased June 14. Card mailed July 25.

• Kim has been busy suing Old Navy and going to Vegas for a bachelorette party

• Not a single mention of Humphries

• Sloppy handwriting (but it’s a chick’s handwriting!)

• Um, we mentioned the sex tape in our gift card. Would Kim personally thank us after such a diss? Highly unlikely.

• The card is addressed by the writer. Would Kim actually address her wedding thank you cards? Highly unlikely.

Hopefully it’s really the work of Kim’s pen because it would be a great addition to our growing man cave. Throw this in with Cam Newton’s BCS pants and it’s been a good summer.

[BC Buys $22.50 Napkin From Kardashian-Humphries Wedding Registry]

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