Kevin Love Enjoyed LeBron, Wade Losing In NBA Finals [Cuervo Girls!]

Kevin Love may play for one of the worst teams in the NBA (Minnesota Timberwolves), but he’s still a hell of a player. So, when he says something, people listen.

Love, who’s doing duty as a beach volleyball player during the lockout, didn’t pull any punches when he was asked about the Miami Heat.

Like most of us, Love was fairly pleased when the Miami Heat tanked in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks.

“Oh yeah,” Love said, “great amount of joy out of it. Plus, for me, they say nice guys, good guys finish last. But Dallas, they just had a slew of great guys and veterans on their team that made for just a great team. It wasn’t just two, three, four guys on the team, like Miami I kind of felt it was. Around the league, it was kind of a consensus that guys were happy.”

We’re not entirely surprised by Love’s assessment, we’re just surprised he voiced it openly.

Judging by his comment, not even anyone in the league likes LeBron James and his cronies.

Oh well.

I think I’ll take my talents to South Beach and ponder that for a bit.

[Kevin Love Loved Watching LeBron and the Miami Heat Lose]

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