‘Bama Fan Running Meth Lab With His Mom! Out Of Motel 6! [Cuff ‘Em]

Ahh, ‘Bama, we love you so much. It’s rare to find another state that combines university fanaticism and meth labs like Alabama. Tennessee, Georgia and Ohio are a close second. But this is Alabama’s domain. This is where families stick together during tough times, like living in a Motel 6 with your 59-year-old mother. That’s the life of David Wayne Barton. He’s 38, looking rough and cooking some hillbilly heroin with him mother.

The Huntsville Times has your details:

Police were called to Motel 6, located at 810 Sixth Ave., by the management after employees saw the lab inside the room where the two were staying. According to the report, other motel guests reported a chemical odor coming from the room.

When police arrived, Barton threw chemicals and parts of the lab off the balcony and tried to run away, police said. Barton was caught a short distance away while Wolfe was found inside the motel room along with parts of the methamphetamine lab.

If Dave wouldn’t have been wearing his Roll Tide gear this story wouldn’t have legs. But the fanaticism won out and he now becomes Internet message board fodder.Congrats.

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