Auction: Baseball Kissed By Marilyn Monroe Now At $16,000

We figure this is the closest you losers will ever get to the caliber of a woman as Marilyn Monroe, so listen up. Some auction house called Heritage Auctions has a baseball on the bidding block with only 5 days remaining and it holds the touch of lips from the most famous WAG in sports history. We’re talking lipstick marks from Marilyn Monroe and an autograph from Joe DiMaggio. Open up the wallet and splurge. The man cave deserves it.

According to Heritage:

Exceptional provenance enhances the monumental appeal, as a pair of included photographs document the ceremony during which the baseball was presented. The ball was one of fifteen gifted to the victorious squad of a 20th Century Fox intramural softball league. Each team was represented by a studio star for its mascot, and it was the Marilyn team that took home the 1952 Championship. One photo finds the team posing with Ms. Monroe, each holding his baseball. A second pictures the wives, one of whom is the consignor of this lot. Also here is a February 1953 issue of Movies Magazine, which features the latter photo with the caption, “Guests at the only party Marilyn has given in her new home were the wives of the fifteen 20th Century film cutters. They won the studio’s softball championship and were on Marilyn’s team.”

The Daily Mail reports that the ball being auctioned was given to “sound editor Eddie D’Orazio and, following his death in 1969, it was passed down to his eldest son.” 

The big news here is that the ball originally went to auction with a $20,000 starting bid but that was dropped and the ball is sitting at $16,000. Auction organizers have said that they think this could become the most desirable Monroe/DiMaggio ball in the world, but it has to hurry. The record sale for a ball from the power couple is $191,00, set in 2006.

If you have any cash left over after the DiMaggio ball, we suggest the Honus Wagner T-206. The reserve is $245,000.

[Heritage Auctions]

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