Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet Roots For Yankees, Patriots & Celtics! [Photos]


There’s something to be said about a redhead, especially if that redhead is Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet. She’s got eyes that will pierce your soul and the kind of gorgeous all-natural look most women would die for, but she’s really just the girl next door.

Aimee grew up with sports in her native Rhode Island. Like most New Englanders, she’s a Patriots, Celtics and Bruins fan.

Well, what about the Sox, you ask?

Sorry kids, she’s a die-hard New York Yankees fan, which you can thank her father for. “I’m a daddy’s girl. I grew up watching A LOT of sports and my dad is a die-hard Yankees fan,” she told us. “It was pretty natural for me to become a fan.”

Hearts just broke all across Red Sox Nation. Fortunately, when you look at her, you’ll forget all about that.

How did the Penthouse come about?
I was living in San Diego at the time and actually just tagged along with a friend who wanted to shoot with photographers in L.A. One of them was famed Penthouse photographer Suze Randall and she asked if I would take some Polaroids and the rest, as they say, is history.

Other than modeling, you’ve been working in the adult industry in various capacities for a while, right?
After running my own website, (NSFW), for a number of years, I decided I wanted to branch out and got involved behind the scenes doing Internet marketing and sales. For the past five years, I was working as a marketing manager and then as an affiliate manager. I wanted to plan ahead and since I knew the Internet business well and had contacts, it was a logical step. I now have my own company and I take on marketing and development projects.

Any desire to get a straight job?
Maybe someday, but I figure it would only be about six months before a co-worker found me online and sent my naked pictures to everyones’ inbox. So I’ll stay where I’m at for time being.

You’re probably right. New Englanders are notoriously passionate about their sports. Is that because there’s nothing else to do there?
Sports definitely alleviates some of the boredom during the long winter months, but I think there’s also this competitive spirit that lives in a lot of New Englanders that makes us so passionate about sports.

Which teams get you hot?
I live and breathe the pinstripes. Go Yankees! I also like the Patriots and the Celtics, and of course, I have to give some love to the Bruins.

Do you take a lot of shit from Sox fans?
I have to admit I can get pretty riled up at times, but I know deep down that my team is the best, so I have to take it with a grain of salt. Plus, it’s a game. Sometimes you need to step back and put things into perspective. It’s supposed to be fun.

Speaking of, why are Sox fans such insufferable pricks?
[laughs] I’ve been asking myself that questions for years.

So what’s your favorite sport and who’s your favorite player?
Baseball. And I have to give it up to my main man Mariano Rivera – best closer in baseball history. One of my favorite sporting memories is going to the old Yankee Stadium with my dad and seeing Mo take the mound.

Okay, onto things not at all important. Who do you think the best-looking athlete is?
Tom Brady is gorgeous. He’s incredibly cool under pressure, has a few championship rings and is married to a supermodel. I imagine life is pretty good for Tom.

So do we. Have you ever met any athletes?
We partied with some pro football players at my house for Super Bowl Sunday in San Diego back in 2003. My best friend had just moved out from Rhode Island and she is the biggest Pats fan. One of the guys who was over was then-Patriots long snapper Lonnie Paxton and he let her try on his Super Bowl ring from the year before. She was freaking out she was so excited. It was one of those random fun times we still laugh about.

You live in L.A. now. What do you think of the West Coast sports scene versus the East Coast?
L.A. is definitely a basketball city, whereas football and baseball have the biggest fanatics back in Rhode Island.

What’s the coolest live sporting experience you’ve had?
This might sound a little cheesy, but I remember going to one of my dad’s baseball games as a kid and he did a backwards diving flip to catch a fly ball in left field. It was pretty awesome.

Blonds have more fun. What do redheads have?
Redheads are passionate. We work hard, we play hard and we love fiercely. You can’t go wrong with a redhead in your corner.

It’s possible you’ve seen more naked women than I have. Tell all of us schmoes how one goes about picking up a model.
Obviously all girls like to feel pretty and be complimented, but we also really want someone to talk to us like they’re interested in what we have to say. So, actually listen when we talk and respond accordingly. Don’t be too cocky. Confidence is attractive, but don’t go overboard. Women don’t want to hear who you know or what kind of car you drive. And definitely make us laugh.

That’s good because I drive a Pinto. What do you want to do with your post-modeling career?
I’d like to be involved in creative projects, developing different ideas that get me excited. Ideally, I’ll combine some of my passions with technology, either creating new ideas or expanding on existing ones.

Lastly, give me a World Series prediction and please be realistic.
Well, I would be disloyal if I counted out the Yankees, but I can see they’ll be battling it out with the Rangers and Red Sox until the end for AL pennant. I like the Phillies in the NL, though the Giants will be close behind. Yankees over Phillies in 6.

You can see more of Aimee Sweet — a lot more — at her official website It is decidedly NSFW.

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