Lemonade On Kate Upton Dress Highlights Yankees Hope Week [Photos]


Three Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and several NY Yankees took time this morning to visit a young girl’s lemonade stand to help raise money for Special Olympics. But the big news for BC readers was the lemonade spilled on Kate Upton’s skirt. Um, holy #$%^ that is a spectacular thing to wear to a charity event. Totally made Robinson Cano take notice and we know he’s game for white girls. Just has to kick chubby Andruw Jones to curb.

Just look at Jones, playing the years of MLB service card, creeping with that no-pack. Back off, Beef.

Says model Chrissy Teigen of the lemonade disaster:

Oh my god. Heading to Hope Week event with the Yankees and just sabotaged @kateupton with my lemonade IM SORRY!!

As for the teenage girl who was hailed during this Hope Week event, she received a custom-built lemonade stand from the Yankees and will be expected to send them 15% of sales over the next 10 years to recoup the expense.

*The last part was – probably – made up.

[HOPE Weeks sets up shop on Staten Island]

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