Jake Locker Training Camp Job: Learn QB Position & Errand Boy [Photo]


The Tennessee Titans surprised a lot of people when they drafted quarterback Jake Locker in the first round of this year’s draft.

Once the offseason began, they went out and signed Matt Hasselbeck, which will pretty much relegate Locker to the pine once the season starts. No worry, the Titans had a plan for Locker all along. They’ve decided to make him an errand boy until training camp starts.

That’s right. The Titans have dispatched Locker to deliver season tickets to their fans.

He’ll also be picking up coffee and donuts for coach Mike Munchak and grabbing general manager Mike Reinfeldt’s dry cleaning on his way back to team headquarters.

Seriously though, the Titans sent several players out into the community to deliver giant poster board season tickets to fans as part of their that-lockout-thing-never-happened-did-it plan. Locker and receiver Marc Mariani were among the players.

“I wanted to come here and personally deliver your tickets,” said 24-year-old Titans wide receiver Marc Mariani to a gushing Jackie Morel, customer care manager at RJ Young, an office equipment company. “We’re going to give you something to cheer about this year. I’m bringing my thanks to you from the whole team.”

“How awesome!” said Morel, as she bounded out of her office chair Wednesday afternoon. “Look at you! You’re so cute.”

Not as cute as Jake Locker, Errand Boy.

[Surprise! Titans make fans’ day by delivering season tickets]

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