Carmelo Anthony, Shaq Testing Out The Chinese Panda Road Beef [Photo]


Where do we start with this one? That weird wood bench? The plastic gloves? The panda looking like it’s smiling? Carmelo Anthony’s face? The blue surgical suit? WTF is going on with those NBAers who are traveling around Asia. Folks, we are honestly just a couple of more panda dry humps away from losing an NBAer to the Far East. Step up, Stern. Ban travel to China. Ban panda candids. We cannot possibly let this happen to U.S. basketball. 

Then comes this news yesterday from the AP:

Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony say they will consider offers to play professional basketball in China if there is no resolution to the NBAlockout. Both players are on a promotional tour of China while monitoring news from home about the NBA’s labor impasse.

Asked by SNTV where they would go, Anthony replied “China.” Paul said “Same, no question.” The answers may have been designed to compliment their hosts, but Anthony added “it’s a lot of history here, the fans are great; why not, why not try it out?”

Who is to blame for this mess? Stern and that damn panda. Somebody better get to the negotiating table before the pandas can use their cuddly, cute superpowers to ruin American sports forever.



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