Bengals’ QB Andy Dalton’s Engagement Photos Are Just Too Damn Cute

Somehow we came across news today that Bengals’ QB Andy Dalton got married July 9 without a single sports blog publicizing his wedding registry. By the way, any other QBs out there get hitched this summer that we missed? Flacco, Roethlisberger, Romo, Dalton. At this point, Colt McCoy has the length of marriage lead in the AFC North. Must admit, this Dalton kid is just too damn cute. The wife – Jordan Jones – ain’t too bad either.

While Romo had the huge Hollywood production video shoot and Roethlisberger had his massive Pittsburgh royalty wedding, Dalton had a pretty simple website for us to snoop around on.

You even get Andy’s words on how he popped the question to Ms. Jones.

It was our normal Wednesday night date. We had gone on dates every Wednesday night since July. I tried to make sure there was nothing different about this night, at least in Jordan’s eyes. Before I went to pick her up, I had both of our families at my house. They were going to set up the spot where I was going to get down on my knee and propose to my future bride.

There’s just something about this ginger. He’s a winner. And winners are in short supply on the Bengals roster so it should be a breath of fresh air to have a guy in town who has pretty simple tastes. Did we mention that he wears khakis and a sweater quite well?

Your move, Flacco.

[Celebrate Andy Dalton & Jordan Jones]

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