Doug Mientkiewicz Selling Coral Gables House For Under $3,000,000 [Photos]

And to think we were sitting around the office this afternoon wondering what ever happened to journeyman, defensive specialist Doug Mientkiewicz. It came to our attention that a guy who played 12 seasons and didn’t break 70 home runs (career) during the steroid season made $13,000,000 in salary over his years of service. Dude bought this Coral Gables, Florida house way back in 2003 and is ready to sell it for a profit.

We’d suggest you offer an extra $50,000 to keep the dining room as is. Buy the place and don’t let the wife touch it. Look at that, a man cave in the dining room!


• Doug bought the pad for $2.1mm in 2003

• 4 bed, 4.5 bath

• 4,200 sq. ft.

• Kitchen looks pretty new to us

• Um, can’t get much closer to the ocean than this. Price reflects boating location

• No pool, so negotiate accordingly

Asking: $2.795mm

Mortgage: $11,000 mo.

Taxes: $38,000 in 2010!

[810 Lugo Ave – Coral Gables]