Texas A&M 6-10 Male Cheerleader Steals Show At Big 12 Media Day [Photos]

Major props to the Big 12 Conference this year for spicing up media day by including school cheerleaders, according to Star-Telegram reporter Mac Engel.  We’ve been to a few media days in our lifetime and they’re giant sausage fests where TV guys walk around looking for mirrors. Finally, a little something for the print guys to look at instead of Internet porn while Art Briles mans the mic.

Yes, the dude from Texas A&M’s yell team is huge, says Engel.

This shot features an A&M dude who is 6-foot-10, and apparently has no game. He’s 6-10 and not on the court – WTH? The Kansas girl is Emily Kempf, who is a senior from Denver. The A&M dude is David Benack, a senior from Bourne. And the OSU cheerleader is Megan Mayberry, a senior from that tourist trap known as Enid.

Besides the cheerleader angle, this was pretty much your run-of-the-mill boring Big 12 football chat-fest. Unless you count Mack Brown going UT polo instead of suit jacket for the coaches photo last night a story.
NFL Camp Arms Race: Gabbert – 7:45 a.m.; Tebow – 8 a.m.; Newton 10 a.m.
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