NFL Camp Arms Race: Gabbert – 7:45 a.m.; Tebow – 8 a.m.; Newton 10 a.m.


Can we blame Jimmy Clausen for being two minutes behind Cam Newton getting into Carolina Panthers HQ? Of course not. Jim had to throw on his bracelets, figure out which bandwagon shirt to wear and what hat would scream “The starting QB job is mine.” Exactly how does one prepare to hold a clipboard? Huge hit to the ego, no? Anyway, Cam’s in camp and remaining stoic. Tim Tebow is  in, too. Dude looks like he’s ready to run over a Gatorade machine. 

Adam Schefter reports:

First Bronco in the building at 8:01 this morning? Tim Tebow. Of course.

Oh, but guess which QB we think was the earliest of them all? Blaine freakin’ Gabbert.

First-round pick Blaine Gabbert was the second player to arrive at 7:45 a.m.

That’s 2+ hours before the 10 a.m. scheduled door opening.

[Top Draft Pick Gabbert Arrives at EverBank Field]

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