Mark Madsen Gains Street Cred By Buying ‘Hot’ Domain Address [Cuff ‘Em]


Remember whitey Mark Madsen and his goofy NBA championship celebration dances? Yeah, he was regaled in the black community as a laughingstock and his street cred was about as low as humanly possible. Well, black man, looks who’s back and has his name in a court case over a domain name, $110k and eBay. A guy is going to jail and it’s all over a web domain. After this story you won’t be laughing at Ellsworth ever again. Seriously.

The AP has the details:

A New Jersey man who admitted stealing a valuable Internet address and selling it to a former NBA player has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Daniel Goncalves pleaded guilty in December to stealing the domain name and selling it on the eBay auction website for $111,000. He was sentenced Friday and was ordered to pay restitution.

Goncalves was arrested in 2009 after an investigation by the State Police Cyber Crimes Unit.

He admitted illegally accessing an account belonging to the owners of and transferring it to his account.

Um, street cred. Internet cred. Geek cred. Not sure what the Mad Dog had up his sleeve for, but you can be sure it was something really geeky.

Take that, black community. While many of us white folks have been known to buy a hot car stereo here and there, Madsen went to the next level and got hooked up in the six-figure range. Balls. Takes big ones to drop that kind of coin on eBay to a faceless seller.

Just sayin’.

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