Leicester Futboler Paul Gallagher Twitter Bombs: Deuces & Smashing His Wife


Our friends at Dirty Tackle introduced us this morning to Leicester futboler Paul Gallagher. Must admit, we’d never heard of Paul – ever. That all changed when we got a look at Paul’s spanking new Twitter account and certain tweets coming from his wife Hayley. Paul opened his Twitter account with a bang, telling followers that he was off to bed to enjoy his hot wife. He’s also been known to upload photos of his deuces. POWER COUPLE! 

Paul tweeted:

Off to bed to smash @HayleyGa11agher back doors in ,,

And followed that with:

I’m back ,, head like a traffic light ,, RED haha .

Of course Hayley knows her husband pretty well, yet her mother can now see what Paul is tweeting about Sue’s daughter.

Mum as if u found that funny!!>>RT @5STARSUE: Ha ha ha !!! RT @Gally_7: Off to bed to smash @HayleyGa11agher back doors in ,,

All of this just in the last 24 hours. But if we go back about a month, Paul was already making his mark on Twitter via dropping a deuce. Hayley has a certain photo on her Lockerz account that makes this couple a must-follow.



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