Beach Volleyballer Jess Gysin Disses BC At Kevin Love Cuervo Presser [Photos]


Yes, Kevin Love was actually jumping up and down to swat a volleyball in the middle of Times Square this afternoon as part of his new endorsement deal with Jose Cuervo. You might remember the most famous NBAer to ever play beach volleyball. Cuervo, in its marketing materials, mentions Love as a possible qualifier for the Jose Cuervo Pro Volleyball Series stop Aug. 26 in California. But for today, he teamed with lovely Jess Gysin for some press publicity. 

You might remember Gysin (upper, far right) from her reign as the BC 2008 Hottest College Athlete.

We’re told by our Coed reporters on the ground that they asked to get some photos for Busted Coverage and she promptly told them “no” and walked away. C’mon, Jess. We’ve been with you since the beginning. 2008. USC. Before anyone knew who you were. We’ve done more for your Internet career than any media outlet. Why play so hard to get? It’s not necessary.

Anyway, Love now has a mohawk and plays volleyball. And maybe drinks Cuervo.

Have more photos of Jess Gysin we need to publish? Make it happen, Internet.

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