BC After Dark: Dancer Ingrid Ullrich [17 Photos]


There have been a few complaints over the last few weeks about the lack of skin on BC lately. One guy, Potter, wrote “Umm, you guys ever going to show a hair bra ever again? Jesus, step it up. Bring back the old days.” Well, his request will sorta be fulfilled. Welcome to our new “BC After Dark” post. You guys get sports during the day and a hot chick at night. It just happens that this morning our old friend Ingrid emailed these new pics.

The Ingrid Ullrich profile:

• Professional dancer (might have seen her work on a Caribbean cruise)

• Will have part in upcoming Michael Jackson tribute show

• From Pittsburgh

• Once hit on by Steelers’ player with baby seat in back of his car

• Is Catholic

Are you a chick who wants to be profiled in BC After Dark? Email us.


[Ingrid Ullrich


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