Must-See: Pastor Joe Nelms NASCAR Prayers Are Legendary [Videos]

NASCAR this weekend finally busted through the mainstream Internet buzz barricade that has kept the sport on the outside of the national conversation, but Lebanon, Tennessee Pastor Joe Nelms broke through to the other side. Joe’s pre-race Nationwide Series invocation prayer before Saturday’s Nashville race will forever be known as the Ricky Bobby prayer. Joe had racers, fans and observers in tears with this prayer. DO NOT MISS THIS.

According to his wife, Lisa (who is called smokin’ hot in the prayer), Joe woke up this morning with interview requests.

In case you have never seen Talladega Nights…

As for Pastor Joe’s prayer, you must hand it to this guy for being able to remember this riff off the top of his head. Dude is money.

Then here is what Joe turned in back in April for a race in Nashville. 3 wide racin’!

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[Pastor Joe’s Church]

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